Virtual Kiosk?.

How do I add a new browser to the Virtual Kiosk screen?. I have been using the 64bit version of Firefox called Pale Moon but cannot seem to find where to add it to the Virtual kiosk screen.

i dont really understand u. if u have the pale moon installed on ur windows so u should be able to use it in the kiosk. In here all installed browsers works well in the kiosk. if u have a shortcut of pale moon on ur desktop, so u have to go in the kiosk on the right up corner and click the arrow to change the view, then it looks like ur desktop and then u can start ur browser

In my Kiosk view I have shortcuts to my other browsers Dragon, Firefox and IE10 but not for Pale Moon and I cannot find an obvious way to import a shortcut?.

I believe if you place a shortcut to the browser on your real desktop it will show up on the Kiosk desktop.

At least in Classic Mode.

When I add a shortcut to Palemoon to my desktop it shows up in the Kiosk screen as stated but not under the Comodo widget shortcuts. When I click on the link to Palemoon on the Kiosk screen it opens but freezes and doesn’t work properly. I think it must be because it is a 64bit browser.

Hi bluesjunior,

See the wish found here in the hope it is easier in the future.
Thanks. :slight_smile:

I haven’t tried Palemoon but Cyberfox and Waterfox which are both 64bit variations work full virtual here
W7 x64

For what it’s worth, I haven’t been able to get Waterfox, Cyberfox or Palemoon to register in the widget. Firefox nightly x64 does register and all work in Kiosk.

sorry for any confusion
I also cannot get Waterfox, Cyberfox or Palemoon to register in the widget
Although Waterfox, Cyberfox do function in the full virtual environment

I’m having the same problem with Windows 7 32bit. Pale Moon icon is not placed into the CIS Widget; however, when Pale Moon is right-clicked on the desktop and ‘Run in Comodo Sandbox’ is chosen, Pale Moon is sandboxed. It’s easier just to click the icon in the widget (saves from having to many icons on desktop). Will this be fixed in future CIS updates to support other third party browsers in the Comodo Widget? Thank you.