Virtual Kiosk

If VK is installed, I think it would be good if VK installation creates VK shortcut on desktop. Currently everytime you have to open CIS GUI to start VK.

Why there is no minimize VK? Is it possible to have minimize VK? Currently if you want to access real system, everytime you have to switch to windows or shut down VK, that means again you have to open CIS GUI to start VK.

You can enter VK by double clicking on the button in the widget.

Hi Naren,
Navigate to C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security, right click on the virtkiosk file and select ‘Send to Desktop (Create shortcut)’.
This shortcut can the be pinned to the taskbar if so desired.

Thanxx for the info

You are welcome, it makes for a quicker kiosk. :wink:

I have password protected CIS so when I start VK from the GUI it asks password but the shortcut on the desktop created as you mentioned doesn’t asks for password.

Is this fine or a bug?

Hi Naren,
If not a bug, at least a design flaw.

Naren this is an issue that needs to be fixed, if you have the time would you be kind enough to file this as a Bug Report and please follow the Bug Report Format to better the chances of it being resolved.
Thanks greatly for your time.
Naren, I have created a bug report for this issue.
Bug report found here.