Virtual Kiosk

[s]If VK is installed, I think it would be good if VK installation creates VK shortcut on desktop. Currently everytime you have to open CIS GUI to start VK.

Why there is no minimize VK? Is it possible to have minimize VK? Currently if you want to access real system, everytime you have to switch to windows or shut down VK, that means again you have to open CIS GUI to start VK.[/s] — Posted on Wishlist Section

In VK with Internet Explorer if you download anything you have to click twice on the save button. Clicking once doesn’t works (XP SP3 32, VK Classic Mode)

put these in the wishlist Naren.


Attached is the screenshot

Sometimes cancel marks appears on icons. How does this happens? If this is a function, how to use it?

And does the shared space appears like a folder in VK i.e not as it appear on the real desktop i.e green icon

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Just out of curiousity how thoroughly was the kiosk tested.I mean is it truly virtual as we think it is? leaks etc.
Sorry for the strange question but i love this virtual kiosk but is it as strong as can be?
Thanks. :o