Virtual Kiosk

There are 2 scenarios to install anything in VK

Shared Folders - Unknown Installers run from shared folders in VK gives Unlimited Rights popup.

Desktop - Unknown Installers run from desktop in VK doesn’t gives Unlimited Rights popup.

Why the difference?

I believe that is because anything run from teh shared folder in the Virtual Kiosk also has access to the actual computer.

You mean anything installed from the shared folders in VK will also make changes to the real system?

This is confusing…

I believe it may be able to, but I’m not sure. Hopefully someone else will know for sure.

Sorry, I haven’t used the Virtual Kiosk extensively.

The popup you get when you run unknown installers from shared folders in VK gives 3 options…

Run Virtual (Default) - I think this will install in VK & the changes will be lost once sandbox is reset.

Run Outside Sandbox - I think this will install on real system.

Block - Block the install.

Why a popup with the option to run outside sandbox i.e real system is there in VK?

I think the popup shouldn’t be there as we are in VK so anything should be installed in VK.