Virtual Kiosk

Just installed Firewall yesterday and have an issue with kiosk version 6.0.260739.2674

when i start it there is no green Kiosk icon in bottom of taskbar meaning i dont have option to switch back to windows desktop, and also no virtual keyboard on bottom right as shown in the various screenshots ive seen.

the only way is to end the tassk with ctrl-alt-del which is obviously not much use

Im using win 7 64bit and have already tried a full reinstall, everything else seems ok but this feature isnt working
any ideas?

Did you try reinstalling by following the advice I give in this post? The reason I ask is because the steps I outline also include a program which would remove any leftovers, which the ordinary uninstall may have missed.

If after reinstalling by following the above steps the problems with the Virtual Kiosk are still there than I believe this is a bug.

Please let me know what happens after reinstalling.


i havent tried this yet as it was a clean install never having had a comodo product before - i wil ltry however and see what happens