virtual kiosk problem

guys, I need help
someone could tell me why my virtual kiosk is with the screen split in half?
when I drag the screen to the side, her back alone in the same position
where i can fix this?
(my virtual kiosk)


This appears to be the same as the bug which was reported here. However, currently that bug report is sitting in the non-format verified section of the bug reporting section, meaning that devs will not look at it.

Therefore, if you could reply to that bug report, create a bug report in standard format (link here), and include all attachments I can forward this bug to the devs.


I found something … when I change the screen resolution to a minimum (1024 x 768) the virtual kiosk also back to normal, then the problem is in the configuration of the video …
if I leave the minimum configuration windows is very bad …
to mute only the screen resolution of the virtual kiosk, someone could help me?

The only thing you can do is file a bug report I am afraid… :-\