Virtual Kiosk option in CIS tray icon options Poll

It would be good if Virtual Kiosk option is there in the CIS tray icon options, wot say?

Your vote & comments plzz

Hi Naren,
Please add a poll.
I am not sure it is required personally, as their are already numerous ways to start Kiosk.

I know there are numerous ways like shortcut on desktop, etc… but by default you have to open GUI to start VK & open GUI everytime to start VK when you switch to windows.

I think the best would be an option in the CIS tray icon options.

Poll added.

Thanks for adding the poll Naren. :slight_smile:

I do not think I would use it but there would be no harm with it being added, as long as the right click tray options don’t get to cluttered if all the tray icon wishes get fulfilled. :wink:
Undecided which way to vote at this time for the reasons above. :-\

Any regular used items can be added to Windows quick launch toolbar.

Well sorry as captainsticks stated I don’t see any reason to have VK on tray menu, in this way if more option will be added to the trey menu, we will have a long menu when you right click the tray. You can either start VK from browser " kiosk:// ", or from desktop if you make a shortcut for CIS folder. So voted No, sorry :frowning:

I don’t see how it’s necessary. Most users can easily access it via the shortcut icons in the widget, if they chose to show them. I think there’s already enough ways to reach it. I don’t want the tray icon options to get too cluttered.

How to add it to the taskbar on Win 7 64? Should I drag & drop virtkiosk in program files to the taskbar?

I voted yes simply because it would eliminate the need for a desktop icon. I have enough of those ;D

(I hate using the Start menu and don’t like things residing on the taskbar)

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+1, same reasons as you

I’m 50/50 about this. 88)

But since you have Game Mode option… Why not include this one as well?

Since Virtual Kiosk seems to be one of the “bigger” features, or what you would like to call it, it would make sense for it to be under the tray icon options.

Hi Naren,
There are numerous ways to do this, right click the .exe or desktop shortcut and select ‘Pin to Taskbar’ or drag&drop.
All the above methods will add a shortcut to the taskbar.
To Pin a Program to the Taskbar

I also see it that way. The same as with the Windows Quick Start List in Taskbar. Sorry, also from me,no.

how can i always use everything on my pc under virtual kiosk without using the desktop mode.