Virtual Kiosk Issue

The Virtual Kiosk is taking too long to load (:SAD). Any suggestions on how to fix that issue?

It loads quickly for me.

How long is it taking for you and what are your system specs?

It has been loading longer then usual. I can’t quite say how long cause I haven’t been timing it. I do have Silver Light & COMODO Dragon installed + CIS 6 of course. :wink:

The reason I ask is that I’m trying to determine whether it’s a bug or not. Can you give me an idea of how long it is taking?

If I had an idea, my guess would be 10-15 (So far before closing it) if not longer.

what are your computer specs.

Well, mine are win 8 x64, intel i3 gen1 2.4 GHz, 8 gb RAM, 500gb HD(125gb free). My kiosk takes from 5 to 10 min to start. It didn’t start at all until I did a uninstall and reinstall of cis. Last time I ran it my system crashed but that was the first time that happened. Its more the start up time is forever and its impossiblely hard to add stuff like google music and the stuff like that , that is already on home screen in tablet mode.

I really don’t have time to post them today but I will tomorrow.

vk often make my computer blue screen, especially when i use was office and other programs that caused by chrome. hoping you can solve this problem. and maybe there is another bug that quick scan always take a long time to finish this task.

Please post this in the bug report topic. Make sure to follow the format provided in the first post. Failure to follow this format will result in your report being removed from the topic. Be sure to also attach the diagnostic report, even if it comes up clean. There is important information in that which may be able to help the devs identify and fix the bug.

How long does it take for the quick scan to complete? Also, is this only the first time you run it or does it also take a long time to complete the second time, etc…