Virtual Folder

On Win 7 64, where is CIS Virtual Folder?

And is it created only when an app is manually sandboxed or by default it is there?

I couldn’t find it after enabling show hidden files/folders.


same as Win7 x86 or WinXP.

I did not observe, but I think it is created by default.

You need to disable “Hide Protected Operating System Files” also, but, be careful.

This folder is not created during install.
It creates upon first sandboxed item.

Is the incorrect spelling deliberate or a mistake?

Hi Dumper1,
The spelling is correct so it is unique as not to cause confusion with other programs that us the Virtual root name.
See here

That’s a good idea, thanks for the reply.

You are welcome. :slight_smile:

Thanx for clarification I was wondering too what’s wrong with the name of my “VritualRoot”.

To be honest, when I first read this post, I thought, not only, that they made a typo, now the marketing team made up a totally hair-raising idea, why this should be a good idea!
This is the best way to cause confusion for users!

Either I read “VritualRoot” and guess, that someone made a typo - or - and that’s more likely the case (especially if there’s also a “VirtualRoot” directory) - I see the little typo and suspect a malware infection, since a wide range of malware uses this strategy to appear to have a common path or file name at the first glance.

If Comodo wants to keep the name unique from other software, they should place the folder in
%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Comodo or name it something like ComodoVR. So the user can easily guess to which program it belongs and where to get further information about its purpose.

Just my two cents…

You are right, though this name is known only to advanced users, that’s why the marketing impact is insignificant.

Anyway as for me I would prefer it didn’t look like a typo as it somehow confuses.

What is in a name, at least this one shouldn’t be copied. :wink:


Sorry for any misunderstanding. :slight_smile:
All I was saying the folder name VritualRoot is most likely not to be used by other vendors or organizations.

That’s true they will hardly choose such a name to use. Though I don’t think it’s any of a problem - if a name is occupied then the prog must choose some other e.g. ‘name2’.

Comodo is unique in many ways. :slight_smile:

Yeah, Comodo Rocks!

So its created upon first manual sandboxed item, right?

And its created as mentioned by Siva in C:\VritualRoot

When an item is first sandboxed in any way it will be created.
C:\VritualRoot is correct.

Thanxx for the info

You are welcome. :slight_smile: