Virtual Dragon shows corrupt recycle bin popup

When I run Comodo Dragon Virtual I get popup telling me my recycle bin is corrupted

Hi trebor58,
This could very well be a corrupt recycle bin.
If you are certain the contents of the recycle bin are no longer required, please try the following.
Caution all contents currently in your recycle bin will be deleted.
In Windows start menu under accessories right click your Command Prompt, select run as administrator (elevated) and copy/paste the following command. (Replace the C with your drive letter.)

rd /s /q C:$Recycle.bin

I only get popup in virtual kiosk. I spokre to g buddy who suggested I reinstall CIS
I had an Idea to unlink C Cleaner from recycle bin which I did after which I ran c cleaner then reopened Virtkiosk
Popup has gone away
It appears there was a conflict with ccleaner being linked to recycle bin
I guess I had a Watson Moment :slight_smile:

maybe Comodo could alert other users to this issue would save much wailing and gnashing of teeth :smiley:

I too have CCleaner linked to my recycle bin (if you mean the context menu things) and I could easily run Virtual Kiosk without any issues, so it doesn’t seem to affect everyone at least.