virtual Dragon info request

Dear support,
I have extensively used the search function:
Inside the forum
Inside the main website
On Google pointing to Comodo

I wasn’t been able to find detailed information on virtual Dragon.

-At which level virtual Dragon is virtualized?
-I can compare the level of security to a Dragon installed on a virtual machine like Vbox or VMware mounted with ubuntu?
-In what differ compared to them?
-Exactly virtual Dragon in what differ from standard Dragon?
-Can I install it alone or I have to had Comodo antivirus/security?

Thank you for your time

I’m not sure what you’re referring to when you are talking about “Virtual Dragon”. There is no Virtual Dragon.

Dragon does contain a sandboxing technology like all Chromium varients, but it is an access-rights restriction based sandbox. It is not virtualized.

You can open Dragon inside the fully virtualized sandbox that is a part of Comodo Internet Security, but this is a function of the security suite, not the browser.

I’ll see if I can answer some of your questions.

As I said, Dragon itself is not virtualized.

I don’t know if comparing the sandbox within Comodo Internet Security to a virtual machine environment is a valid comparison. A virtual machine is emulating the entire OS, while the virtualized sandbox inside the security suite is virtualizing the file system. Basically it’s keeping any changes made by an application inside the sandbox separate from your normal file system.

I think I answered this in response to the previous question.

As I’ve said, there isn’t a Virtual Dragon. However, if you run Dragon inside the virtualized sandbox of Comodo Internet Security, the difference would be that anything done using Dragon inside the sandbox is not permanent, and will not affect your actual system. So if you happen to encounter any malware, you can reset the sandbox and your system will not be infected.

As I’ve mentioned, by itself, Dragon is not virtualized. If you wish to run it virtualized, you will need to install something that features a virtualized sandbox, such as Comodo Internet Security.

for a moment I believed to be crazy, because I have installed it on a friends PC and I wasn’t able to check immediately about what i have seen!

here is it, see the image…

It appeared after the installation of Comodo Internet Security

[attachment deleted by admin]

Hi Archer77,
Dragons Virtual shortcut does get created during the install process of CIS, if Dragon is installed or selected during install.
As HeffeD said, it is to open Dragon inside the sandbox belonging to Comodo Internet Security.
See if the following link helps.
Run an Application in the Sandbox
Edit: Reworded.

Great thank you, just I have see that icon and I believed was in some way mounted on a virtual machine.

I perfectly understand the sand-boxing, I think is a great function too.

(and considering now I’m trying to run a Firefox on Ubuntu mounted on Virtual Box, I believie is just almost crazy using a browser on a virtual machine to surf the web, it’s extremely slow, and my PC is almost a workstation… now I’m trying to change Ubuntu graphic with Lubuntu but I believe will not change so much…)(edit: now activated all the virtual core possible and is working enough also if not so smooth, in any case frankly I believe Dragon virtualized is a better and much simpler idea)