Virtual Dragon compared to Tor anonymous browser

My question is am I safer to conduct my banking business or purchase products on line using the Dragon browser in virtual/sandbox mode or to use an anonymous browser like Tor when I am conducting money transactions or banking business.

It depends on what security you are looking for. A browser in the sandbox will protect you from malware attacks. Tor browser will give protection from eavesdropping.

Tor is not perfectly anonymous afaik ; it gives you a layer of “hidden user” but for banking it does not solve it because it was not done for this purpose but for communicate freely _without to be analysed/spied/seeked/found.
Actually, most of people seems using a virtual browser-sandbox for us-banking/shopping.
What is the opinion of your bank ? Does it recommend a virtual browser ?

I appreciate your responses-I will check with my bank to see what they recommend-until that time, I will continue to do my business on the internet while either using Dragon in cognito mode within the Virtual Kiosk or to use the Tor browser while I am also within the Virtual Kiosk. Do you feel one of these approaches is more safe than the other?

EricJH answered yet : it depends on what security you are looking for.
Tor is not safe or unsafe; it is a secure way to communicate from everywhere to hidden network like freenet / prohibited countries / it is a tool for journalism
If you thing you are safe with tor why not !

Virtual communication is done for to not be attacked during the communication - isolated and encrypted most of time - cloud, secure sharing & mail/voip are in this area.
It is the quality of the contact with your bank (ev certificate for example) which make a safe&secure transaction : so choose your bank-agreement according on the security that it proposes …
About shopping, it is depending on more of the reputation of a site than the “secure browser” .
i, i will choose a virtual mode because a malware can bring more trouble but it is my own opinion.

Your choice will be the best.