Virtual Desktop/Kiosk & Chromodo

I used to use the Virtual Kiosk a year or more ago but had to stop because it was getting a little bit tough for my old Laptop to run it properly. Now i have a new Laptop and it copes well. But i found out the first time i opened it it said to me i don’t have Silverlight (Which i really did have) and i did not have Chromodo. First time i opened it i did not install either because i had Silverlight & did not want or need Chromodo. so i found some of the Virtual Kiosk was missing,No games Angry Birds etc. So next time i allowed i to install the Silverlight & Chromodo,Needless to say it did not install silverlight because i already had it. But it did install chromodo. & as if by magic now all of the virtual desktop works, However every other app or game or whatever i open will not open with my Default browser but only opens with Chromodo. So i want to ask, Has Virtual desktop been changed so we are forced to install Chromodo or lose some of the features? & the little window that told me i did not have Silverlight, is it just there to make sure i will eventually have to install chromodo or not have a full Virtual Kiosk ? My default browser does make use of silverlight so i see no real reason to have Chromodo,