Virtual CD does not Launch today after CD Update

After CD Update just now i tried to start the Virtual CD and it would not launch…


Do you have CIS 6 installed?


Last week i installed the Comodo F/W and Def + only which does not include the A/V Part. When the desktop icon for Virtual Comodo is launched nothing happens except i get high CPU that does not go away until i restart the computer because a Svchost.exe is now using high CPU…

Does this only happen when starting up Dragon virtually or does it also happen when starting other program virtually?

i just started the Virtual Kiosk and the same thing happens with high cpu in Svchost.exe

On my desktop it takes up to 5 minutes to start Kiosk. Is there an ATI/AMD Radeon graphics solution on your computer?

Yes i have W7 Home with I-7 IVY Bridge with a AMD Radeon HD 7570 Video Card