Virtual Agression [Games and Messaging]

So, first of all I want to explain that this is for my exam of Dutch, so please reply honestly.

If you have encountered aggresion in cyberspace or had a friend that had it please tell me about it so I can translate it and use it.

Thx in advance (any suggestions are welcome of course)


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I miss the option “I don’t play violent games because I get too much adrenaline out of it” :smiley:

I like to play violent plays because I get rid of my stress

Thx for voting :stuck_out_tongue:


I think there should be one more optional answer to this question, such as “I don’t play violent computer games at all.” Personally I don’t have the time nor inclination for such.

i second this one, though it’s probably irrelevant for xan’s research.

hmm… I don’t play them because "I enjoy killing people"it’s often because it’s a challange and it can sometimes scare you in certain games! such as seeing in high detail with turning around a corner and something jumping at you

I don’t feel any rage or anger at all when playing violent games. I consider it leisure time. Maybe because I know it’s a game, or I’m exceptional at coping with stress :slight_smile:

I do however find excessive violence appalling and distasteful. Unless it has a significant meaning in the game. Close-up shotgun to the head or continues chainsaw dismemberment isn’t something I find amusing. Rather pointless and unimaginative. But that’s just my opinion…

I don’t play extremely violent games like GTA and the likes, but sometimes I play games that can get violent. When you play a really good, well thought our game that you can just immerse yourself into, all your worries and problems just go away since you are focusing on being that character in the game. When you are really into the game, you do start to feel what you would feel if you were really in that situation. Like, killing a bunch of zombies, you might feel your adrenaline rise or even feel fear. Thus, the fear drives you to kill more zombies. If you are under a lot of stress, pressure, or angry, this adrenaline and fear will take over more and your feelings will change. When the game is over, you begin to wonder why you felt that way before you played the game. It really is theroputic to kill zombies and such. You can just feel your anger drain away as you put all your energy into being that character on screen.

However, games really do not provide the solution to the cause of your original stress or anger to begin with. After a gaming session though, a person could be calmed down enough in order to think more clearly and deal with the cause without doing something stupid. So, gaming could prevent doing stupid things in life.

Good question. I know that violent games were the blame of Columbine, but I think that’s horse shit.

I have Bioshock, Resident Evil 4, The Witcher enhanced edition, Doom 3, HoMM V (and Hammers of Fate), Crysis, and several other games of different genera.
I play them for entertainment. I personally don’t believe in violence and certainly don’t allow a game to influence my personal life or feelings/emotions.
I agree with TripleJolt in that excessive violence displayed in a game is mindless and pointless to the game play.
I can get right into some games to the point I tune out all surrounding me and the game is the only thing focused on.
I personally think people should take these games for what they are: a form of personal entertainment that may or may not challenge you.
I will agree with Star Shadow in that blaming games for ones actions is wrong.

Thank you guys for all your replies already

I will agree with Star Shadow in that blaming games for ones actions is wrong.
That's what I want to prove also...


Well when I play NFS Carbon, I focus to crush police cars, and it relaxes me, but when I quit the game I’m back in the real world

MiguelAngelXP (:KWL)

Ahhh…crushing police cars…now that’s the life. (:TNG)