virtkiosk.exe sandboxed?

I am trying to run a program in sandbox from right click run in comodo sandbox. It will not run and virtkiosk.exe and cmdvirth .exe are listed as sandboxed apps. Is this right?

Comodo needs to be simplified in the way in removes sandbox apps.

yes this is normal

an email program is sandboxed again even though it is a trusted file and Comodo has been told not to isolate again several times

May be it is a problem with CIS not being able to reach the revocation server of the CA that provided the signature.

What email program are you referring to?

email prog

it cleared when i reboot but that is a hassle

reach the revocation server of the CA that provided the signature.
don't understand this bit

When this reproduces we may be looking at a bug. This happens only with Pop Peeper or do you also have other programs where this happens?

don't understand this bit
I was wondering that in case the executable is digitally signed CIS would also be checking the revocation server to see if the signature is still valid (not revoked). When the revocation server cannot be reached CIS could decide not to trust the signature and treat the program as unknown. But that is not applicable to Pop Peeper because it is not digitally signed

It happens with lots of programs. Think i will replace comodo. Too difficult to ‘unsandbox’ programs

I installed Pop Peeper but the problem does not reproduce here using CIS v8 beta.

Are you willing to try some things? That will to see whether there is a problem with your specific configuration or we are looking at a bug.

what things I am getting tired of digging into comodo to free up legit progs sandboxed. can there not be a right click, remove frrom sandbox?