does someone know what is going on with ?
All the engines they use seem to be totally outdated (Comodo 3.13, Avira Antivir 8.2, Avast 4.7… :o).
I tried to contact them over mail but never received an answer. :-\

Hi Camille Case,

You are right - that’s really weird and all of’em are completely outdated there :o

In addition the “engine” column actually not necessarily represents the engine per se, but rather the current version of the main component.

Say, the a-quared (currently should be called “Emsisoft Anti-Malware”) with its best detection rate is v4.0.0.29 (stable) but the engine version is v4.0.0.50 and the second T3 Extended Virus Engine (EVE from Ikarus) is v1.1.80.0

What I mean - the engine version could be different in any case.
Another concern with all sites like that - that the Signatures could be (& usually are) outdated … and that is another pain & different story.

Anyway … we cannot completely rely on any on-line sites like that.

You can have 5 different sets of results within 15 minutes of submitting the same file.
It may give you some picture, but basically that is hopeless

The only reliable way to know for sure if one has doubts - is submitting “that particular file” which residing on your computer at that moment to the vendor, that produced flaggings

Otherwise that’s more guessing than knowing for real

My regards

there older av engines, but the signatures are up to date

You’re Right !

I always use this website when Virustotal in high service load.

You might find this list of use.