VIPRE Premium: How well does it do?

Well, I thought I could make it without an av. Unfortunately, something happened while I was away (apparently, someone couldn’t help but watch taboo vids). Internet connection kept racking up errors slowing the net to a crawl. I installed VIPRE Premium. I wonder if anyone here has tried it. Is it any good? (Don’t recommend any other av please. I don’t want to install anything for now. If you don’t know it, don’t post.)

Sorry if I’m a bit rude today. Been having a bad week.

I tried it, and I liked it :smiley:
Works fine. The HIPS is default disabled. Another problem is that the hips only knows Allow and block with/out notify.

Yes. I have tried it also just now. The HIPS gave me more options though. It had four: Allow and do not notify, Allow and notify, Block and do not notify, and Block and notify. It was supposed to be fast. I should know. I have installed it for the fifth time. I was planning to keep it but it added a whopping 2 minutes to start-up which was rather unusual. I reinstalled three times today and still the same results. It also does not automatically update and must be manually updated either via downloading the latest signatures or right-clicking on the tray icon. I have yet to contact their support team regarding this. Or maybe you can be of some help?

I have seen the automatic update on another computer with Vipre. But there Vipre was cracked. On my, with good license works fine. And it starts fast :-\ Vipre does not start so fast (it starts delayed) and so everything works good and fast. ???

Sorry. But I kinda got lost. ??? you mean to say your VIPRE starts fast vecause you have a good license, while mine is delayed because it’s cracked? Or something else?

Anyway, I got a lifetime license for VIPRE. It was on-sale online for $100 (and yes, this is legitimate. The company that gave the promotion only gave about a ten or so licenses). My aunt bought one. Nobody knew how to use it except me, so they gave it to me instead (made me wonder why they’d buy it if they didn’t knew about it in the first place 88) ). I had used it before and I had never encountered any problem with it until now. I have no security software running in the background or anything else installed. Not even a firewall. The conflicting software possibility won’t apply. So it makes me wonder…what’s wrong this time?? ???