Viewing Logs, connection logs

  1. In viewing the Comodo firewall logs, the software display size comes only in two sizes, one regular and the full ■■■■ one. I guess, that applies for the entire software. Why is that?

In this world where the windows software allows you to set your window size to any size, your software does not allow to window resizing.

  1. Why does the connection log does not stay in place? As soon as the app disconnects, the log entry disappears. I want to be able to see history. Is that possible?

Hi ronbo2000,

I think CPF 3 will be made so you can change the size of the window, I don’t know why you can’t change the size in 2.4 tho.
And for your second question, they disappear as soon as they disconnect, simply because it’s not connected to the Internet, and as far as I know, you can’t view history.


Thanks Ragwing.

Where do you get the CPF 3? I download my current version from this page:

CPF 3 is available to download from this post:;msg73947#msg73947

Note that it’s only alpha, so it doesn’t got all features, got lots of bugs and can crash your system, so it’s not recommend to install it on the computer you play on. If you want it I’d recommend you to wait for BETA, as it’ll have all features and less bugs.



I still think that the connection logs should stay in place. It would be help in identifying issues since the connection log of the application will be significant in tracing potential issues, like on the post on this thread:

You are right. I will not take that version as of this point. I really don’t want to volunteer for either Alpha or Beta testing. I already do that for a living.

Thanks for the assist.