View regarding CIS

Hello to everyone,

Just wished to share my views with you regarding the CIS package but before this I just wish to thank you Melih for being so close to the users and for listening to our input and putting your talent to work for the GOOD of all of us. It is refreshingly different to see that in your company we can actually talk to the boss!

On to Cis the product is great and really does it’s job well. It has a clean intuitive interface and the firewall provides so much control over what is going on that it affords a great level of protection and I will definitely use it and tell my friends to use it as well. I have it in proactive mode.

I wish I could say the same for the Anti virus product as well. On the one hand the scanning rate and detection rate is very good…if I really have to be clear about it it is the updates for the definitions which are really slow and even if the download of them is not a huge problem as I am on ADSL it is the part AFTER cmdagent is done which sometimes takes an eternity to complete…the pc is clean from all viruses spyware malware so this is not the cause of slowdowns and at times this updating takes up so many resources that I can’t get anything else done until the update is complete sometimes after say 30 40 or 50 minutes or many hours at times. I leave you to imagine how it must feel in these circumstances.

I would hope that this problem can be solved and knowing how well your other products are made I truly wish that this happens very very soon in order to turn an ok anti virus into a GREAT AV product with a brilliant firewall to match.

Best wishes Melih for all you have done and for all you continue to do,

R :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: