View Logs Configuration Changes - Very very hardly scrollable

V12.2.2.8012 (Firewall only) Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit (clean install with all MS-updates)

The listed items in the “View Logs → Configuration Changes” window are really very very hardly scrollable with the up/down slider on the right side of the window. When trying to move the slider up or down (click and hold down on it and drag up or down) or rapid clicking below or above the slider inside the scroll bar region the complete window stalls and the window title bar says “… (Not Responding)” or even the complete window turns totally black for a period of time and recovers after a while.
Leaving the window open for some time to allow it to populate or to refresh the listed items doesn’t help.

When showing other logs inside the window (such as HIPS Events, Firewall Events or Containment Events) the listed items scroll smoothly up or down when dragging the up/down slider.

The bug more or less resolves itself by automatic clearing of the logs window when the logs get saved to disk at the time when the log file reaches size limit and a new empty log file is being created.

As the bug is just a temporary inconvenience it may be removed from the bug board if desired.