View Firewall Events

Hi ,I m New to comodo firewall But my View Firewall Events is not work ?! Why

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Logs should only show blocked content (unless you make rules to alert you for both) So it’s quite possible that nothing has been blocked and that’s why nothing in your logs have changed.

To check this… Just siwtch defense+ mdoes or firewall modes, Those changes should show up in the logs.

Please post back to me

Still does not work I do not know why. Unstalled and re-installed the comodoFirewall but does not work Firewall Events !!

network defense is SaFe MODE

proactive defense is clean PC mode

Do you have a router and a built in firewall? That could be the reason there.

yes . my router ZHONE . but . Of the few I use Norton and I see the show blocked content

Alright Ratio. Sorry about the trouble - So let me get this right… You have changed modes in D+ and firewall, and checked the logs to see if they show the changes?

Comodo → Miscellaneous → Settings → logging;
Make sure that logging is enabled.

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Nothing has changed. All things excellent. Except Firewall Events does not work. Tried everything is not working Firewall Events, a possible cause of the router !!

Hmm… so the defense+ events are working? Perhaps the firewall logs are functioning correctly - but not showing anything because nothing has been blocked. Could you please run an application that needs to connect to the internet? and when it pop’s up select “Block” (Don’t remember answer)