View Blocked Suspicious Attempts

On the Comodo Firewall Pro Summary page, in the Proactive Defense section, there is a line that reads:

“The Defense+ has blocked _ suspicious attempts so far”

How can i view these blocked attempts and approve them should the attempts be something i normally use?


Open CFP, click D+, click common tasks, click view D+ events. From what I’ve noticed they’re usually programs trying to access CFP’s memory.

If you’re having problems with a program remove the rule, advanced, computer security policy and start again, carefully answering pop ups. Make sure you’re not in training mode.

now i noticed that the blocked attempts counter would reset to 0 after a certain time. does this mean the once blocked programs have been unblocked or smthn?

No, It just resets when you reboot your system - You can view previous events by;
Comodo → Firewall → Events → More…
Comodo → Defense+ → Events → More…

If you are unsure of your logs please post them here or post a screen shot please.

this is a sample of “blocked suspicious attempts” that CFP has listed, so how are these supposed to be unblocked? is it the “change computer security policy” thing that Hikertrash suggested earlier?

Is it like, setting these applications to “Trusted Applications” in the Change Computer Security Policy section?

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That is okay, Nothing is being blocked there - It’s just showing what has happened on your computer. Could you please post a screen shot of your Firewall events?

Also, I see that you are running Spyware terminator - You do not need to use it’s HIPS if you are using D+

Hi araxis,welcome to the forums.

In a nut shell Comodo Firewall Pro has by default settings(via Defence+) which prevent other applications from being able to access it so that nothing untoward is able to say shut it down,etc.
Applications which scan the pc for malware are therefore trying to scan Comodo which Defence+ will not allow.
You can allow applications to be excempt from this policy by adding them to an exceptions list for Comodo Firewall Pro

To do this look under Defence+/Advanced/Computer Security Policy/Now find the entry “Comodo Firewall Pro” and highlight it/Now click on “Edit”/You will get a new window called Application System Activity Control where you need to click on “Protection Settings”
Now you need to click on “Modify” next to “Interprocess Memory Access” and then click on “Add” and then “Browse”
In the new window find the application path,highlight it and then hit the arrow to move it accross to right side,should be something like C:\Program Files\Superantispyware*
Now APPLY to close all windows

:Beer Matty

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My Firewall events are empty at the moment.

Alright, thanks for the tips! :-TU