View Blocked suspicious attempts?

I am new to using CFP3. On the summery screen under the “Proactive Defense” section, it says “The Defense+ has blocked 3 suspicious attempt(s) so far.”. Is there a way to view what was blocked and how to unblock it? I never got pop ups asking if it wanted to block anything. I want to know what it is blocking and why. I looked through the program, but I can’t seem to find it.


Go to the D+ tab and click on D+ events.

That doesn’t show me the blocked events though. At least it doesn’t show events as blocked. Now the Summary page says 4 blocked events and that page lists 5 events, 4 of which belong to Comodo Anti-Malware. Is there a way to see the events that are blocked and allow them? Like the Anti-Malware event, if that is the one being blocked?

Yes it does show you. Click on more.You can also view your firewall logs there.