"View AV Events" shows Quarantines, "Quarantined Items" shows blank

When I try to add manually, one of the files listed in the “View AV Events” window, a window opens that says it’s adding the file to the list. Another window opens that says, “ERROR, cannot create file list”. When I re-open the “View AV Events” window, it shows that it was manually added to Quarantine by user. When I go to the “Quarantined Items” window again, it’s still blank, even after I refresh the view. I ran a Diagnostic, it said it found problems, fixed them, told me to reboot (I’m really skeptical about this part, because it’s also one of the easiest ways to spot malware attempting to initialize whatever it just changed in your system). After the reboot, the windows are all the same, the actions I take to add a file manually stills opens to a blank “Quarantined Items” window.
Let me qualify my reasons for skepticism on the reboot. A few years ago, I was one of the first users hit by the Zone Alarm virus, named after the core process of that (in my opinion) useless program, “za_alerts” or something close to that. A window popped up that said that an update had been detected for my Zone Alarm and would I like to update now. I okayed the update, it did it’s evil task, then told me I needed to reboot for it to take effect. I rebooted, and the virus took control, shut down ZA and my antivirus program, at that time, Panda Internet Security, and would not allow me to restart either. I called both companies and their answer was, “?” re-install the application. I called Microsoft “Hacker Hotline” and chatted with an XP expert for an hour. She told me, “Nobody can access your computer unless you explicitly give them your permission to access iit”, quoted word for word.
I found out months later about the virus. NONE of those reputable companies ever called or e-mailed me, to let me know that my computer was infected, even though I was a subscribed user of their software, and logged as calling them with that specific problem. Nowadays, if I get a popup about an update, I decline, then manually go to the website and check if there is an update, then update from there. Yeah, I’m paranoid now. If you are not, you are a prime target for the next sneak attack