View Active Process List crashes!

Defense+ → Common Tasks → View Active Process List, just watching and after a few seconds, it crashes!


OS: Vista Ultimate 32bit

Doesn’t happen with my same installation. I’ll move this to help for v3 to see if anyone else has the problem. What other security programs are you using? Is UAC on or off. BTW, this has worked fine with both before and after update to SP1.

Any crash dump? (how to get it on vista)

UAC is on. I’m using real time Spyware Terminator, Avast! AV and Spybot S&D.

It’s kind of difficult to describe, if I open it and leave it there nth seems to happen, if I scroll up-down with the mouse and a new process takes place, after 1-2 secs it crashes.
It’s not a particular process, any process which I cause to be created.

I can’t say I had this problem with other versions, because I never watched Active Process List.
Yesterday I just wanted to see what .exe files were beeing executed when compiling a c++ file with g++ compiler under Dev C++ editor.
So I opened the Active Process List, saw devcpp.exe, compiled the file, devcpp.exe started expanding to cc1plus.exe and then… crash.

I attached sth, hope it helps!

The buggy.jpg is a print screen. It’s right after I pressed the compile button on Dev C++ and then the Comodo tab on task bar to view the processes.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Anything new about my buggy? It keeps crashing from time to time…

I’m not using SP1.

Be sure your not using the HIPS in Spyware Terminator. Also you don’t need Spyware Terminator running in real time. Use it only as on demand.

I’m not using the HIPS on ST, but I’ll take your advice and shut down resident protection to see how things go :slight_smile:

It still runs a back round service “spraiser” I think. Spyware Terminator has become bloated. I use SAS on demand.

Well I managed to crash it with ST uninstalled and Avast! Standard Shield disabled. This means there was nth to bother CFP.

Just to make things clear, View Active Proccess List will almost never crash if used in a normal way. By “normal” I mean clicking the View Active Proccess List and watching the proccesses and by “almost never” I mean it can still crash 1/100 times.

When trying to start 2 or 3 programs simultaneously, which would aproximately load 2-5 new proccesses and click on the Comodo GUI to appear and watch the processes, it crashes 1/6 times.

I’m POSITIVE this happens because there exists a bug or a conflict between recognizing a new proccess and being able to present it in the GUI. It’s like a problem due to race condition if you happen to know about system proccesses and thread behavior.

Certainly I don’t use Comodo as a Task Manager, but if I am able to help Comodo get a step closer to perfection, I will try to present all the info I can get!

Thanx for your help :Beer

Thanks for your efforts, PiCo.
Can you post any related crash dump of latest 3.0.21 version?

Just attached a fresh one for you :slight_smile:

[attachment deleted by admin]

Oh I tried to also attach a Vista crashdump as suggested by an earlier post of yours, but I think these are only created when Vista crashes and so I didn’t find anything since Vista didn’t crash, just the Comodo GUI did.

Hope I’m not wrong.

Thanks :-TU

It seems from your screenshot that crash dump was created by crashrep.exe, so don’t take into account Vista (i suggested incorrectly). Btw, these reports should be sent to Comodo if you press send report or something, but in some cases that feature doesn’t work…

It works, but I thought it would be the same if I attached it here.
I can send it if you like, but I don’t remember the adress, it was sth like comodo[[[ at ]]]…com.

Thanx so much for taking this bug into account. Even if it doesn’t get solved, I appreciate the effort!

The address is

It is better to send them (Dennis is right about address), though it is fine if you post it (as one crash dump better than none ;)).