Videos or tests of the manual sandbox


I have seen hundreds of videos regarding the automatically sandbox, and we all know how secure it is specially in “restricted” or above.
But i have been using for the last few months the manual sandbox, and i know it is not a mature application like sandboxie, so i really would like to see some tests of it.
Does anyone know tests, videos, about this.


P:S. I really hope that V. 6 of comodo will bring big improvements to the manual sandbox. Sandboxie is a superb application but there is always the chance of hidden or future conflicts with comodo.

Test of 3 programs:

For 5 days he had been testing sadbox vs some malwares (manual sandbox)

There are 15 videos, you ca watch them all.

I can say, that CIS was the best, because it stopped all malware.

Thanks a lot morphiusz.
The manual sandbox of comodo V4 was strong, so i guess V5 is even stronger (more mature). :-TU
Great video. Once again thanks.

Ps- It was the first time i saw a video of the manual sandbox.

the manual sandbox is the only one to use virtualisation, no ? automatic sandbox is just reducing programs privileges …