Videos not working properly in IceDragon, help please.

Hi, I’m a new member on the forum, but a long time CID user.
I was impressed by Comodo the first time I saw it, and it never gave me any problems until now.

A couple days ago I noticed that videos on Facebook weren’t loading properly, I had sound but no video, in fact, no controls were shown either, I payed no mind to it, because I thought it was a temporary bug.
But, the problem was present on every site except Youtube with the addition that the video is shown in full screen, but is still missing in the smaller player.
I presume that Facebook uses a different player, so that is why this difference is showing.
I need to emphasize that audio is always working, and the video is running, but the image is not showing, just a black canvas in its place.

To be precise:
Videos on aren’t showing when the player isn’t in full screen,
Videos on aren’t showing and double click doesn’t enter in full screen,
Videos on aren’t showing when the player isn’t in full screen.

This problem is exclusive to CID, I’ve installed CD and he works fine, but I have grown fond of CID and would rather resolve this problem, than replace him.

Measures I’ve taken to solve this, with no result:

I disabled all addons, no result.
I reinstalled Adobe Flash player, no result
I backed up everything and did a clean reinstall, no result.
I scanned my system for viruses or malwares, used CCleaner to clean the registry, restarted my computer and did a clean reinstall, installed Adobe Flash player, no result.
I installed the portable version, no result.

I also have Firefox installed which has been there from the start with CID which my brother uses (as extensively as I use CID) and it shows no similar problems to what I am facing with CID.

Please advise me on what to do next, if there is a next step.

Thank you in advance.