Videocards can speed up virus scan

Recent videocards the likes of Nvidia and ATI (and forthcoming Intel) videocards support General-purpose computing on graphics processing units (GPCPU).

For nvidia cards support to GPCPU is provided using their CUDA driver/engine. Other brands have their specific divers/engine possibly superseded by OpenCL standard, whereas MS is planning to support different videocards on Win7 and Vista by releasing MS DirectCompute

CUDA can speed up virus scan indicate that NVidia would be planning to use that technology to speedup virus-scan it would be interesting if a similar approach is going supported by the likes of ATI and Intel as well or possibly provided to Win7 and Vista by 3rd parties building on top of MS DirectCompute or OpenCL (supported also on XP and OSX).

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Though GPCPU has been around for some time, this was the first time I read about possible use for widespread applications used on a daily basis like AVs possibly providing benefits to millions of users.

Hopefully, there will be complete solutions to utilize GPU resources in video processing, rendering applications as well.

Indeed there is to some extent though I do not know is they are still tailored against specific brands or already support different vendors.

It is likely that the forthcoming MS DirectCompute and its multi-brand support and market-share would definitively provide some common ground for these new approaches.

I would have been happy if it was possible to get a GPCPU based archive compressor/decompressor, though I’ve read it would be unlikely and not all applications can benefit from such technology. :frowning:

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Drop a link please to these…or you meant DirectCompute and/or CUDA ?

Indeed most are mentioned on nvidia CUDA but since they include also commercial apps it would not unlikely a wider support.

Among those apps are:
Elemental Accelerator for Adobe Premiere
FlaCuda encoder Flac audio encoder FLACCL - CUETools
ViVid Python framework for video processing and content analysis using CUDA for acceleration. ViVid download |
Ray Tracing
Super LoiLoScope
Furry Ball: GPU renderer for Maya

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