VIDEO TUTORIAL: Encypt and Digitally Sign Email

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In this video, I demonstrate why it is very important to always Digitally Sign and Encrypt your Email, how to retreive a free Comodo Digital Certificate using Internet Explorer, and also, how to import the Digital Certificate into a free Email Client (Mozilla Thunderbird is awesome):

YouTube - Encypt and Digitally Sign Email (27 Minutes)
(This video will take you through all of the steps necessary - slowly, and explained in great detail.)

Here’s the ‘.avi’ for anyone who wants the Full High Quality version:
Download Mirror #1 (Link expires March 09 at 08:41 PM MST)
Download Mirror #2 (Link never expires)

Video Codec if required:

Great Video. It touches upon why one should digitally sign/encrypt email.

However, a few things…

It’s 27 mins in length. I don’t know how many people will sit and watch something that is about 30 mins long. It could be split between… Why there’s a need to encrypt/digitally sign emails and an actual How To.

A vast majority of people that use a digital certificate for email either use Windows Mail/Outlook Express/Outlook & IE, not Thunderbird. If they do use Thunderbird they typically would use Firefox as their browser. Throwing Thunderbird in there will confuse many.

Nicely done, I’m sure many others will make good use of this! :-TU

I’ve tried Windows Mail and Outlook Express in the past; hated them both. Outlook is not free. I fell in love with Thunderbird the first time I started using it.

Thanks. I never thought I would get a compliment from you! ;D