Video Playback Issue

Was there an update installed since yesterday afternoon (Dec. 16)? YT videos suddenly won’t load (they constantly cycle as if trying to load). This is the case on the YT website & for embedded YT vids (& iFunny vids). I haven’t changed or loaded anything on my laptop since then that I’m aware of. Turning off my Avast shields doesn’t help & perhaps more importantly, I the vids DO load on IE. I’m running XP (I’m holding off on getting a new computer until April when the XP support ends, so laugh if you like).

Thx in advance.

Hi RyanJV,
There was no recent update for Dragon, however IceDragon updated yesterday.
I presume by the posted location that Dragon is the browser in question.
Try clearing your browsing data. Ctrl+Shift+Del

Also check that the flash plugin has not failed.
Flash player check

Kind regards.

Many thanks. Clearing the history worked.

You are welcome, let us hope it continues to behave.

Same thing happening here today. Till yesterday all was fine.

Clearing history didn’t worked.

Win 7 64
Latest CD default settings
Nothing installed/uninstalled on the system yesterday/today.

Looks like it’s the same as this topic…
[Merged] Youtube videos don’t play (Read 711 times)

Hi huntsman, thanks for the tip.
I did consider this, but while the issue appears to be the same the cause appears to be different.
Clearing the browsing data solved the issue for the opening poster in this case.