Video link bug?

Hey guys. I’m running windows XP Pro SP3 32 bit I love the browser but have been having trouble with videos linking up and opening on It’s weird. Sometimes if I click the written text links the video page will open and play fine. But sometimes not. If I click the link that is a picture of a screenshot of said video it never opens! If I right click the links and check the addresses they are identical. If I right click and copy the link, again, no video loads. I made sure things like Java, ActiveX and Flash are up to date and it’s still the same.

Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated as I hate Explorer!

Hi and welcome rakeNtrail,
CID uses a ‘Flash Plug-in’ and not Flash ActiveX as Internet Explorer does.
Please check to see if you have the Flash Plug-in with the following link.
Flash player version check

If you find that you do not have the Flash Plug-in, please choose your Operating system in step 1 and select Flash for other browsers in step 2 of the following link.
Flash Player

Alternative use the direct download link below for the complete installer, then close your browsers and run the installer.
Flash Player Plug-in Direct Download 17MB

Kind regards.