Video Issues/ IDK where to put a complaint on customer *not* service

Before you reply, I know this problem has been reported for OVER a year maybe even years. The only response I’ve seen that seems semi reasonable but at the same time not, because how did FireFox get around it and why cant you cop it on over to Chromodo and Dragon, is that there are some expensive permits that Comodo has to get.

Secondly, I’ll remove the complaint at the bottom if you tell me where I should put it. And I’ve changed the names, not that I think they use their real names anyways. Sally one day is probably Donna the next.

[u][b]VIDEO ISSUE:[/b][/u] My ticket ( after reading several forums, not just the 3 listed reads as, submitted via email first then via ticket on support site (
Been trying to read through your forums and it sounds like these problems have been going on for a while. Im not super techy so it gets a bit confusing reading through the forums and I kind just wanna hear it straight from the horses mouth for this issue (

Some examples of the forums:

Is this problem going to be fixed? Is there a fix other than downloading IceDragon as I prefer Chrome (which has all my bookmarks, logins, settings and stuff)? Could you not rework the add-on that allows IceDragon to run these videos into your Chromodo/Dragon?

Cant seem to play videos like these in Comodo Dragon. They just forever seem to be loading:

Thanks for getting back to me!

[u][b]CUSTOMER *NOT* SERVICE[/b][/u] After about 2-3ish days of no response. I contacted the support on the tickets webpage, LivePerson. I was connected with Ben. Now I have no problem with um....Buffulo, I feel as though he didn't know the answer to my question or where to find it and then insinuated that I contacted the wrong department when I distinctly remember clicking the drop down box from "Validating" to "Other" because none of the others were bug/help IDK/I dont understand technerds on a incorporeal level related. But I can forgive him for not admitting he didnt know the answer to me question, at least he directed me..... somewhere else.

Unfortunately, that somewhere else was :frowning: (:AGY) (:SAD) :cry: :frowning: >:( :-TD :-TD :-TD
No, just, NO! Connected to a browser all about safety and keeping things safe WHY, WHY in God’s name would us give us Geekbuddy (which sounds like a scam to begin with) as a support option. As I stated on another forum, they wanted me to download their free trial and use their “fix it” tool to remotely connect with my computer and fix my problem. All I wanted was some answers to my ticket, a simple reply… but thats not what SHE WANTED. CSR should not be a salesperson.

ANYWAYS, before her, I was connected with a … Jupiter, how said I could call them at 1-855-301-4477 anytime for help and asked me why I was contacting him and my name. I told him problem and gave a name and then didnt hear anything for from him for 30 mins. From 8:19EST to 8:50EST not a word, it was a lot of info so I gave him the benefit of the doubt. After 30mins I called and was connected with RedDevil. She asked for the nature of my call I explained the situation and gave them my email, of which I’m regretting… She reread it and then flicked on and off of hold for a while, apologizing for this and that, “test this in the chat, what do you see.” Only to come up with, “Oh His chat froze and you got disconnected.” (Well why didnt it say so instead of casting me to limbo?) then proceed to tell me the only way she can help is with the downloadable, free trial “fix it” tool which, if you wanna pay for it, cost 170$ a year or 60$ for 1 session. Hell No.

I politely told her “no thank you, is there any way else we can handle or discuss this issue. Could you please look at the ticket I submited if possible or directed me to a-” Well if you wont download the fix it, mam, your gonna have to go search for a solution yourself on the forums and try and fix it yourself. … “K, I already -” I cant do anything else unless you download the Fix it tool for me to remote access your computer. “Never mind, thanks for your help.” Click

Never have I encounter such customer service. My cable provider is better then them and I HATE my cable provider with a passion. How can Comodo associate themselves with such customer service when their tag line is “Creating TRUST Online.” Product and Customer Service are the BIGGEST parts to a company and its customer. A costumer rates a company buy those 2 things. If the product sucks and you cant get good help, why stay?

Again, New to this Comodo forum. Not sure how you guys do things around here. Let me know if I need to move stuff or edit ■■■■. And not a huge techy but I get by so dont go hella deep with your tech lingo when explainerizing jingle jangles and doo hickies.