Viability for Svr 2008 R2, Single Office Solution

Hello All,

I’m doing a bakeoff of several backup solutions for a stand-alone 2008R2 Sp1 x64\ DC\ File\ SQL server instance. I liked what I saw as a features set: Image, File, Full-Diff-Inc, and the option to use a cloud backup for offsite. ■■■■ if I thought I had hit the motherload…everything that that I needed as well as would need.

Like any good engineer, I created a simulated environment using VirtualBox 4.2.18 and tested the install with the intention of trying a restore. I’ve mounted the equivalent of a second drive using that for disk based backup.

I like to cut to the chase by hitting the tough nut first and tried to do a Full Disk, Ptn & MBR backup with VSS. The program starts, locks and nothing happens…after 30 minutes nothing. Installed and Run using Elevated Credentials

Is there perchance an earlier release of this product that may be a good option? A DR Image is an absolute must for the solution I put in place

So far in my bakeoff, I’ve had pretty good results with Aomei Backupper. If I can’t get this to work will supplement that with Synchback.

Has anyone successful run and tested a configuration?

Many Thanks

Tried the New beta 4.3 with the same result…