Vesrion 3.5 not communicating Firewall status to Windows Security Center

I just updated to version 3.5. Windows Security Center tells me that Windows Firewall is turned off (normal), but does not recognise that Comodo Firewall 3.5 is installed. How can I fix this? I am running Windows Vista 32 bit Ultimate. Thanks in advance.

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First, I just want to tell you: the firewall may be running fine, even though the Security Center tells you it isn’t.

See the attached picture please, and tell me what mode it is in.;topic=29994.0;attach=23552;image

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I think that is a common thing to happen when people upgrade CFP to CIS.

Try to use this (, after you uninstall CIS with it’s own uninstaller, then restart (I always have issues if I don’t), then reinstall CIS. You should now see that Comodo Firewall is being recognized.

Hope it helps.

I did a complete un-install, reboot, used bat file mentioned to complete un-install, rebooted and re-installed version 3.5. Problem has gone away. Many thanks for the help.