Very Upset: Stupid malware scanning deleted my files!!!!

During the installation of Comodo Firewall, there was this malware scanning running and identifying suspicious files. As soon as it finished, I clicked Exit and it prompted me: “Do you want to clean the selected files?” and I thought yeah I’ll give it a chance to see how it can “clean” it.

I mean c’mon Comodo, if what you really mean is DELETE then say DELETE, DO NOT SAY CLEAN!

Can anyone advise me how to undelete these files? I tried TuneUp 2009 undelete, looked in the Recycle Bin, tried finding a Quarantine section in the firewall but no avail.

Very very upset,

A system restore point is an obvious thing to try… assuming your OS supports it and it is enabled.

There are deleted file recovery programs (Google’s probably your best bet). But, if you choose that option… you should stop (or drastically reduce) doing anything that creates or modifies data and get that utility now.