Very Unhappy Now [Resolved]

IM Really Angry with Comodo now as every time i get an update it shuts my internet down and i get a 169 IP Address. And on shut down of comodo my IP Address comes back. Can any one help me with this issue, I have not got rid of Comodo as i cant get onto the internet : [ at ] :-[

Hi willas00, sorry you’re having trouble.

I’m a bit confused… your post implies that this happens frequently, but as far as I’m aware CFP updates are not terribly frequent. I think there have been 2 so far this year. I ask because I wonder if what I call an “update” is the same thing as your “update”? CFP updates usually require a reboot… so, are you saying that your Internet connection is lost after a reboot or have I misunderstood what you’re saying?

sorry to confuse

I install Comodo. It does an update. And bang my internet is dead without reseting. rest the pc and still nothing

I don’t understand why you installed CFP & then performed an update… unless you installed an old version to begin with. Also, an update without resetting… do you mean rebooting/restarting?.. if you do, then it is rather pointless, since nothing will happen (see my previous post) until you perform a reboot/restart of your system.

Try this…

… this is latest version, so if this also “updates”… then you are not really updating & something else is happening.


i installed comodo again… reset pc… uninstalled other firewall… reset pc… got a 169 ip address. disabled comodo… still had a 169 ip (me thinks not comodo problem)… reset PC… and all came bk… either Comodo needed a few resets to put every thing back to gether or something is wrong… :BNC

Ah… based on your post I think what was wrong was the other firewall. Multiple firewalls, with the exception of Windows built-in Firewall, is to be avoided as the chance of a conflict is high, resulting in one, or both, of the firewalls not working.

It is possible for CFP to block DHCP if it was not correctly set-up & this would probably result in not gaining an Internet IP automatically. This being the case checking CFPs Log (Activity tab) would reveal what CFP was blocking (CFP only blocks silently when instructed to do so).

Anyway… so you’re Very Happy Now? If so, I can mark this topic as [RESOLVED].

Yes im happy for the time being lol (CLY) (L) (L) (L) (L) (L) (L)

Let’s hope it stays that way. :Beer

still getting the same problem today i think its comodo cause if i use a diffrent firewall its ok :frowning:

Problem: There have been no updates to CFP.

I’m completely at a loss to understand what is happening. I recommend that you go to Comodo Support, register on their system & raise a ticket on this issue. If you do that, please post any feedback/resolution that support give you. Thanks.

i have raised a ticket with Comodo Support on Sunday and im waiting for a reply now. However im starting to think its not a comodo problem now because if i disable the firewall while on a 169 ip address it still stays as 169. I have raised the issue on a Cable Forum which is designed for support and queries for those people using my ISP. I have been advised to ping my modem while the connection is down. If the ping responce is ok then the modem and pc are talking and it must be a modem problem or a problem along the line. im there fore waiting for it to go down now to do the testing, if i get a fulll responce i will be on the phone to my IPS, If i dont get a responce ill still be on the phone to them to find out what the problem is. but as allways they will probably say its my PC or my firewall but i know its NOT the firewall. I will post back and let you know what happens as this could be some use to those on Telewest (Virgin Media) who may get the same problem and telewest allways blame the firewall.

well ive finally found out it is Comodo thats casuing the problem

every time my IP goes to renew Comodo stops it and i loose my Internet. is there any way of stopping this or do i need a new firewall?

willas00, have you tested by setting the security level to ‘Allow All’? If it works then it might be a problem with your rules.

no but ill try it a few mins before its due to go of, but if its rules how can i allow it?

That really depends. We might need a sample of your logs. As an example only, there have been similar incidents like this that others have solved by defining a trust network (only needed if one is on a network, not needed if standalone machine)

how can i supply you with logs. u see i dont want to leave comodo but i cant have it blocking out my ip renewing every time

In the Logs window, right click Export to HTML. If you don’t want to show private IP addresses then you can copy and paste the contents to a text file to edit it. Then click on the Additional Options… at the bottom of a posting message and attach the file.

shall i show the logs 2 u on the settings at custom or allow

I would recommend custom, assuming that it was when you had the problems.

yes ok ill post them within 10mins its due to go again in 2mins