Very strange behaviour...

To test a bit I turned on HIGH for notifycations.

My system has a proxy at for both mail (avast Mail scanner) and http (WebWasher).

And as expected the mail and web applications asked to talk to, so far so good!

BUT there where NO alerts about either “avast mail scanner” NOR “WebWasher” asking for access out to Internet. And they are NOT even on the list in Comodo. But still I can surf and read mail, so they ARE talking to the Internet outside. So how can they do that without triggering an alert?

So why do I only get alerts on the LOCAL communication, and not on the one to Internet?

(I get some, when the mail program and web application try to gi straight to Internet I get an alert)

Disable the feature “do not show any alerts for programs certified by Comodo” and you will see the alerts :wink: