Very strange behavior with app DataCrow


I switch from paid Kaspersky (Bloatware, unreliable) to Comodo because it liked its settings and - it’s free :slight_smile:

I configured my rules and comodo more or less behaves like expected. My settings are “don’t treat anything as trusted by yourself”, means all “AutoTrust” settings are off (see attached image).

But one application behaves very strange. DataCrow ( a java app for cataloging media.
When I start this application I won’t get any prompt from Comodo, neather HIPS, Firewall or Autosandbox. But the application is NOT in my trusted file list nor are there any rules that could match (even erased all my rules to verify). For testing I checked “Create rules for safe applications” in HIPS and Firewall and voila - Comodo creates rules when I start the application.

But how? How can it be safe/trusted? This is the only application that shows this strange behavior.

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