very slow shutdown


with Comodo my shutdown time is very long >2min. I uninstalled and shutdown was around 10s. I tried to disable Defense+ (and the firewall) but that didn’t help anything. I found the following thread and added all the Asus files to My safe files but that didn’t help anything either. Vista tells me kbfiltr.exe (some Asus special keys component) is causing the slow shutdowns but again when I uninstall Comodo shutdowns are fast again. Can anyone please help me solve this?

(my system: asus m51sn laptop, vista hp 32bit, nod32 3.0.669, comodo)

What other “back ground” programs do you have on startup?

Make sure you have all current windows updates too.


Nothing else, it’s a pretty clean install fully updated to SP1 and following updates. I just backed up from the Asus recovery image, first thing I install is Comodo and the slow shutdowns happen right after I install.

You’re issue is really strange and rare… NOD32 & CFP work great together.

Trying to “narrow down the problem” ; What happens if you disable NOD32 & Reboot?


Slow as hell… Anwat the problem started after I installed Comodo, right after backing up from the image, nothing else installed except for the default Asus stuff and it’s fast again when I uninstall Comodo.

Nothing in the Comodo log either which could give me a clue.
btw I run with UAC turned on.

Have you checked any of the D+ logs or anything?


nothing in there either nor in the firewall log

Try unchecking the shutdown scan in NOD32.

The slowshut downs were already there before I installed nod, right after a “clean install”* and installing comodo.

(*using the asus restore image)


I have the same issue with Comodo and no solution as yet.

A Toshiba M60 notebook was restored to default with the restore disks. Initially I installed Comodo, CAVS 2.017.58_beta & CBO 4.27. I progressively removed each application and it was the firewall causing the issue. Have since updated the OS to the latest including XP SP3. Firewall still hangs the shutdown process.

I have ran out of time to troubleshoot this issue as my friend needs his notebook back. I do not have a problem on mine running the same version.

Okay well it might be a problem relating to Vista. I hope some one else can help you guys more.

Thanks for the feedback.


Spottedgiraffe, you might check out a utility, uphclean,–profile hive cleanup service, at

That does not cover Vista darth.

I was also experiencing this. I have tried various things short of throwing PC of the wall and nothing helped.

After clicking (either) SHUTDOWN \ RESTART I watched the icons as the stoped running and it was only when the Comodo icon was left next to the clock that I decided to start investigating Comodo. (Version

I then disabled DEFENCE+ and prolonged shutdown times disappeared and shut down is now virtually instant. To double \ triple check that this was the problem \ solution I re-enabled and then disabled another 5 times. Am now (until solution found) running with defence+ permanantly turned off. :THNK

Win XP(prof) SP3 and Avast AV + A squared (paid version)

You dont need A Squared running in real time mode if you Avast.

Just a question, the longer shutdown. Is it while closing explorer or is it the shutin down ? (confusing I know 88))
If it’s shutting down explorer try the reg key I made, just download and add it to the registry.


[attachment deleted by admin]

Thanks but I prefer to be doubley safe and it does not impact on the PC too much. I have A squared set to auto-scan every second day. Seen and fixed (tried) too many infected PC’s over the past few years so prfer to err on the side of caution.

This WAS occurring during total shutdown AND whilst trying to hibernate.
I have downloaded your shutdown file and will install after making weekly image then re-start Defence+ to see if it makes any difference.

Would this (unlikely I know) work with (shudder) Vista? I am trouble shooting Vista Home Premium PC with extended start up (2 minutes start) and slow shut down problems and can’t find out reason (She is computer illeterate is running ZA & AVG & A-squared Free for easiness) Would it be possible to make similar file for vista shutdown?


The key should work on any Windows OS, we’ll see if it works out…


I’m just another one with the same problem in a Vista Home Premium+Avira AV, Asus Laptop.
Does anyone knows already how to solve this problem?