Very Slow CB Cloud

Hi all,

I just wonder is it me that is having this problem.

The Problem I’m having is the Comodo Cloud seems to be really slow at the moment and my computer seems to be acting up saying no operating system found/ Cloud M keeps freezing and my computer comes unstable and hangs.

Should I use the other Comodo Back-up instead of the cloud for better stabilisation ?

So any thoughts Please




P.S. I only want to store photos and other items.

I have found a better back-up for the time being called SugarSync and it works real good for me.

So I thought I would share.



I am having the same problem. It took one hour to upload 9 megabytes via a 3mpbs upload connection. This is just terrible service. I will be asking for my money back if they cannot address this issue.

Are you still have the same issue hellajon ? if so why don’t try that back-up site, that I brought up on my 2nd post.

It works good, and fast. Plus U get 5gb free, and you get up to 30gb free if you recommend it to people/share files to friends/family.

So Hellajon, take a look at the site, and see what you think?

But at the end of the day it’s your choice! you may decide to keep Comodo Back-up, But once again it’s your choice. I’m not forcing you to get it the other software, I’m just advising.

thanks in advance


My upload is going at 15KB/s!!!

Target server appears to be and I notice on a tracert that all the servers within Amazon are giving me a response time of >100ms compared to <25ms outside their network.

I’ve added the destination drive letter as an exclusion in my antivirus software and also tried turning off the realtime protection in them too (MS Security Essentials and MalwareBytes AntiMalware Pro).

I was excited at having found an online storage provider that appears as a drive letter and that doesn’t rely on syncing folders. Surely this level of performance can’t be “normal”? What’s it like for other people?

I’ll be really gutted if this is typical performance as I’d always had Comodo in my mind as a decent brand.

I’ve given up and uninstalled it and instead signed up for a free Amazon Web Services S3 account and am using the free Gladinet Cloud Desktop app to map it as a drive letter.
Sorry for my lack of patience.

I am currently getting extreme slowness with Comodo Cloud. Is there any update on this or is it always this slow?