Very slow boot

Whenever I start my Pc (with no exceptions) after loading the Desktop, the Avira icon in the system tray is closed.
This is normal somehow, because it loads the modules.

But, the problem is that Avira Guard gets active in 1 second, while the Web Guard takes about 20-30 seconds to get Active and it shows Stopped all this time.
The worst thing is that I can’t connect to the internet during this time, I can’t access My Computer, but I can access my Desktop.

I attach a screenshot token during the startup.

No relation to Comodo till now, but… with no Avira installed the same thing happens and I can’t connect to the internet except for 45 seconds or more after succesfully loading the Desktop. This is very bad.

Comodo could be the only fault, as I don’t have any other programs starting with my PC that could interact with network.

Why did you move my topic here?
It is not a wihs, but a bug and I posted it right in the first time.

I really don’t understand your moderation.