Very serious bug : screen locked, can not click�%20bug-t56966.0.html
by google translate:

Very serious bug:

 Part of the program is occupying occasional full-screen window, plus top-top, yet at this time because of the firewall program to intercept certain actions, but returned to the dialog box window does not top, some return to the dialog box is small, the program has been blocked window completely covered, but the task bar is not labeled, so the computer suspended animation, the program cpu occupancy is 0, and can not use Task Manager to force the end of the blocked task can only restart. (Procedure to change the screen resolution is blocked (lower) case, the lower right corner of the tips or in accordance with the resolution on the table the bottom right corner, but at this time is outside the screen, for example crossfire and your uninstaller) 
    Back to top dialog window should be an absolute ah! 
    Even the location of the dialog window and the top of the problem bug, and nobody would use. At least I will not used, and when the next version until then 

For this reason on no less than two hours, restart 3 times, anger

Proposes to add
Global enable / disable shortcut keys,
A global shortcut key to close the interception process
And to determine the window period of time does not answer automatically allowed to be set to allow / reject / end process�%20bug-t56966.0.html

Do you have the minimum system requirements:
32-bit Windows 7 / Vista / XP SP2
128 MB RAM
210 MB hard disk space


If I understand correctly. When opening a full screen program, think game, CIS will block the computer. Only a reboot will help.

That’s a known problem. Version 5 will bring Game Mode to deal with that problem.