Very Scary Momments.

So there I go, press on Update today we are 30 of june 2015 and BOOM! The browser reloads TOTALLY NAKED. I had lost everything, my bookmarks, my settings, all, the entire salad.

My heart sinks to the bottom of my chair but I grab myself and slap myself a few times to recover from the trauma and realize that there is something most probably fishy about this. As I dig deeper, I realize that I still have everything it’s just that comodo IceDragon went stupid on me and reinstall in none-portable eventhough it says portable in the About.

My settings were still in my IceDragon directory but CID was using a new profile in the none-portable AppData directory.

I’ve recovered everything but guys, this thing is totally broken, this update is not a update, once you update you go back to CID telling you to update again, you update again, go back to step one, you guys failed at something!

I do have a strange feeling i’m using a new CID but I cannot tell for certain which version is the latest version now, I do notice a problem with my hotbar icons being a wee bit too space out but that’s small potato for me as a problem.

So, the big question is… is 38.0.5 the latest or not?