Very nice program!

Hello, my wife and I just purchased a new laptop and I’m not allowed to play with it as it’s for her work :frowning:
However I am allowed to install security stuff :slight_smile:
I stumbled on to Comodo and put the firewall and antivirus on and a few spyware detection tools etc etc. It is very nice free software.
She thinks I’m still playing …I write this as she sleeps hehe.
ps. thx Comodo team. I will try to let the forum know of any issues good or bad.
uh oh I hear her waking up…got …to…go…


Glad you enjoy the free products!

Welcome to the forums,

Good to know that you like it. On a side note, perhaps you can try to help her in her work. That way, she will trust you and you can join this forum more often. ;D

Yours truly,

Have been useing the latest beta version and bar a couple of minor glitches which were easily sorted out the fire wall has been top class. Makes Outpost, Zone Alarm etc look very ordinary. Would rate Comodo the top firewall even in the beta version. Thankyou very much for all the work that you have and still are putting into the product.