Very long response time when launching MS IntelliPoint...

Sorry for the not so correct title.
First comes my environment:
OS: 32bit Windows XP/sp3, ChineseTraditional
HW: AMD Athlon64x2 5000+ / Asus M3A78-EM / 2GB DDR2 memory / 640GB HDD
CIS version: CIS 2011 Pro version: 5.4.189822.1355

I’m using Microsoft Comfort Optical Mouse 3000 with its signed driver, IntelliPoint_x86_1028_7.00.260.0.exe. This driver will launch “ipoint.exe” automatically on Windows startup. With this driver I set the mouse’s programmable button to issue “Ctrl + F4” so that I could close a web page with one click.

My problem is: after installing CIS, every_time Windows boot up, the first click on the mouse’s programmable button causes “cmdagent.exe” to occupy almost all CPU for about_2_minutes. Then the foreground window gets a “Ctrl + F4”. Afterward, the programmable button functions immediately, until next time reboot.

Every time boot up, to use this button, I have to click it and wait for around 2 minutes until someone does receive the “Ctrl+F4”. The 2 minutes latency is really very annoying. I know “cmdagent.exe” is running, but no idea what on earth is it doing, so I can do nothing but wait…

I really wonder how to reduce this confusing latency. Any comment will be very appreciated. Thanks.

Can you show me a screenshot of the Defense + logs of around the time it happens? They can be found under View Defense + Events.

Are you using the latest drivers of your mouse? See if updating them helps or not.

Thanks to Eric, the problem is solved.

I checked the Defense+ logs and it showed nothing since Windows boot up.
Then I checked MS website and found latest driver, IPx86_1028_8.15.406.0.exe. With this version there’s no longer the long initial delay anymore. : )

Glad you got it fixed.:slight_smile: