Very Impressed with Internet Security and Free add-ons

Dear Comodo Staff,
I was having problems with my paid norton 360 I unistalled 360, after i downloadedyour internet security, and downloaded all your addtional free software, I can say without a doubt it fixed everything and my PC is running like I did a wipe and re-install of XP. WOW is all I can say.
I tried the cleaner and it found over 100 duplicate files and 300+ more problems in my start-up files. It actually took a while to wipe the problems. I like it backs up changes.
This package with all the free software will keep my PC in perfect shape without any need to wipe a drive and re-install with many PC’s the drivers for bridges don’t always work after a wipe unless you know all the drivers you need to install and the order to load.
I am sold an will reccomend to all my freinds to give it a try.
My only Suggestion is to be sure when you run the disk cleaner you understand that when you wipe a drive clean you may do exactly that and that could be your primary.

Thank you very much Doug!

We really appreciate you taking the time to post your feedback.

We are here to help and also to listen to any wishes you may have about our products and future development of them.

thank you again


Good afternoon Melih, I’d like to see a setup.exe instead of or with optional MSI installer with the next CIS V4 Beta release, do you think you could influence Egemen to offer this option for the 3 - 4 members that couldn’t install the V4 Beta myself included?
Highest Regards

Yes, I do expect to have EXE version than MSI version for next V4 release.

COMODO CIS provide a very good protection from known malware to unknown malware while they are trying to do “bad job”.

I passed your message to Egemen :wink:


Perhaps I’m being a little naive here, but.

What is it, stopping the 3 or 4 users from updating/upgrading/repairing/fixing your OS’s ?
So that you can use an MSI, like everyone else.

Rather than ask them to make a special installer for the 3 or 4 of you.

Just curious.


Edit: @Sorcerer and WinBMY see here

What a nice arrangement, is it converted by you? Thank You Bad Frogger!

See here:;msg358020#msg358020
I’ve got MSI installer V4.5 Bad Frogger and as with this other members post all other softs using a MSI installer install flawlessly, but not CIS V4 whether 1st or 2nd Beta releases

Thanks for the further info, Sorcerer.


I was having problems with my paid norton 360
If it weren't for nortan, Alot of computer repair places would be out of business ;) LOL