Well how many do you think their are? and yes I was bored…

(CWY) (:TNG)
(J) :BNC
(S) (R) (M) (L) (J) (B) (CWY) (CNY) (CLY) (V)

If anyone has any idea what this poll is all about, then answers please, on a postcard to the usual address!! (:WIN)

By 1s & 0s do you mean bits? If so… you’d better edit your poll as I can tell you now that either easily exceed any of your options.

I voted 1 billion. That’s gotta be close.

What bits are you really referring to? 1’s and 0’s or the file size?

If it’s the file size I voted for more than… because 10,000 bits is only 1.220703125 megabytes and the installer of Comodo 2.4 is around 7mb, what more if BOClean’s installer is combined?

10,000 bits → 1250 bytes ->1.220703125 megabytes