very hot

hi . need help !!! my notebook comp. very hot after installed comodo boclean 4.25 .thank you . (:SAD)

Probably the cpu utilization is at 100%. Do you have Comodo Memory Guardian installed?

Is the icon for BOC green all the time?

You could try this:


hi. the boc icon not green all the time ,but i had check the task manager show boc 4.25 cpu runnning more than 50 compare to idle process cpu running at 99. but anywhere i will follow the guideline that you posted to me .tq. (:HUG)

hi, i am using hp notebook nx 6320, t 5500 1.66ghz n ram 1g, after i upgraded boc 4.25 my comp. become very hot n all the time task manager cpu process show boc 4.25 running more than 45 compare to idle process running 99 n unable to shutdown boc except use end process to shutdown boc n boc icon at task bar not show green color all the time.tq. (:SAD).

Have you searched the forum using the key word “CPU”?
There are several threads pointing to bad installs that you might find helpful.
This one from Kevin in particular:
(Link in red)
Re: BoClean memory usage?

[quote="noels7 post:21, topic:212592"] Kevin

My security programs are still the same as they have been for months. They are:

  1. Symantec Antivirus Version
  2. Process Guard Version 3.410
    3.Look n Stop Firewall Version 2.06
    4.Webroot Spysweeper Version
  3. Spywareblaster Version 3.5.1

Naturally all definitions etc are up to date.
I have attached BOC425.ini to see if that can reveal something


THANK YOU for doing that! Now we’re getting somewhere! OK … for reasons unfathomable, BOCORE (BOClean’s system service) is either not running or is unable to load the kernel driver. Been a while since I’ve seen this one, forgot about the connection there.

Check to see if BOCORE is running in the process listing of task manager. If it’s THERE, then the install of the kernel driver was somehow blocked. If it ISN’T there, then the install was ■■■■■ somehow. It could have been any of those interfering. Or … it could have been that the program was installed under a limited user account instead of “administrator.”

Suggest that you uninstall 4.25, do a reboot to ensure that everything goes away. Then shut down Norton and the other stuff (disconnect the network if it makes you feel safer) and install as admin. That SHOULD solve it once you do a reboot after the reinstall … but somehow BOClean is unable to connect to its kernel driver and the system is going into “contention” trying to do so. A reinstall should do the trick. Sorry for missing the symptoms, ain’t seen this one in a while …

htl, apparently BOC is not running properly on your computer… do you have comodo’s “memory guardian” installed? if so, you could try uninstalling it and then see if the problem with BOC persists… if the problem does persist, i would try uninstalling BOC and then reinstalling it, and then see if BOC is running properly after you have reinstalled it…

on my computer, BOC will have a little “blip”, about every 10 seconds, where it is using about 8% “CPU”, except that BOC does scan all of your computer’s memory when it is first started, which takes, probably, a couple of seconds, on my computer…

hi,already three times i uninstall n reinstall boc version 4.25, but the problem still the same n boc icon at the taskbar not show having little blip about every 10 seconds, but boc icon at the taskbar show white color all the time(not blip),but i have try again to reinstall boc old version 4.25, everything is ok n the boc icon will have a little blip every 10 seconds n my comp not so hot as normal,but not use because boc 4.23 cannot updated. tq . (:SAD)