Very High number of Intrusion Attempts

I have been getting very large number of intrusion attempts to port 38310 from various IPs. It’s like 2000 attempts in a hour. I don’t use any P2P software. Please help.

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Can you provide a screen shot of your firewall logs? And are you behind a router?

Thanks. Now the port numbers have changed but still large numbers of attempts. I am not using router but using ADSL modem provided by ISP. Also, there is a new type of message ICMP from Modem to PC. I ahve attached the shots. Hope it helps.

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Seeing as you just use a modem, which most likely has no hardware firewall, this looks normal. The firewall is doing it’s job, just blocking outside port scans and such. If COMODO’s logs annoy you, you can disable logging with a custom Block and NOT log rule.

Curious, what is your stealth port wizard set to? (Firewall > Stealth Port Wizard).

Thanks. I have set up the Third option Block all incoming connection in stealth wizard.

So CIS is doing its job, blocking all those incoming connections. Like I said, if the logs bother you, you can edit the global rule “Block and log IP in from IP Any to IP any where protocol is any” by unchecking the “log as a firewall event” box